Monday, July 09, 2012

VBS has begun!

Well, VBS week is officially in full swing! This morning I helped at the t-shirt table getting all the kids outfitted into their "Sky VBS" duds... now they've all dispersed to the different stations - games, lessons, experiments, and all sorts of fun activities!

This afternoon is our first Crossover event - these events are designed to meet the community kids who will be in the iConnect or Youth age group because we would LOVE to see them get plugged in to our ministries during the school year! These events are also great for kids we know who are crossing over into a new ministry - it gives them a taste of what it's like to be in iConnect or Youth so starting in the fall isn't so scary. Please be praying for our afternoon events this week!!! It's a totally different feel than our regular schedule because it's a much younger crowd and most of them have no idea what we do here at Bethany - I'm so excited for the opportunities to get to know new people this week :)

Check back every day as I'll post a recap (and hopefully photos!) of each event we do. Thanks for your prayers!

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