Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Summer up and running!

Well it's officially July and this month has already brought about a lot of changes! Last week I moved out into my own apartment (now an official New Wester!), I adopted two cats, and my job as Bethany's Student Ministries Director has officially begun! On top of that, today was our first summer Bible study AND the forecast is predicting sun all week! Lots of stuff going on :)

For those of you who weren't at Bible study this morning, you missed out! I'm loving the casual atmosphere of summer already... because we're discussing the summer New Testament reading guide (instead of following a lesson or series) we ended up talking about the passages that really interested us, and didn't mind going off on tangents along the way! Next week is VBS so there won't be a study, but we'll pick it up again the following Tuesday (July 17). Check out the blog post that has the summer reading guide. Read whatever you can from it - even if it isn't everything! Today we spent some time on Matthew 13.

The info for VBS Crossover week was posted a couple of weeks ago - here's the link for more info.

Our server is down in the office so as soon as it's up and running (and I can access my files) I'll be posting more info about future events in July.

Many of our students are currently working at Green Bay Bible Camp in various positions. Please be praying for these students (and leaders) during their time at camp for the next 3+ weeks (many come home later this month while others are staying for the full summer). Pastor Brad is up as a counsellor this week, and Kayla is in charge of all the Lites and Slugs. If I forgot anyone in the list of people to pray for, I apologize! Our GB workers are: Mitchell, Connor, Eric, Kellen, Rayna, Matt, Taylor, Maddy, Jessica, Megan, Temi, Hannah, Melissa, Chelsea, Noah, T'ea, and Matt.

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