Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gross Night and RESOURCES

Guess what's happening this week? When it comes to the youth calendar, it's the most wonderufl time of the year.... GROSS NIGHT!!! This is my absolute favourite event to plan and run. It's hilarious! If you've never been, it's a night of gross and messy games. Nobody is forced to participate but we do encourage it! Wear old clothes if you're thinking of getting on stage! This is also one of our biggest outreach events of the year so as an added incentive to bring a friend, anyone who brings someone who has not been to youth this school year will score something free from the concesison for both themselves and their friend!

Last week I posted and said I would be updating this blog way more with some free resources for teens and parents... and then I totally forgot about the blog because I was so busy with work. So here's a whole bunch of great stuff for you to sift through! Enjoy!

1. YouVersion Bible Reading Plans
This website offers lots of different plans to read the Bible: chronological, historical, Old & New Testament, One Year Bible, etc. I'm sure most of you have trouble consistently reading your Bible because that's always been my problem too - these plans are great for people like us! I'm currently reading the Bible chronologically - very cool!

2. What If Starbucks Marketted Like A Church  -YouTube video
This cute video is meant to be a funny parable... but there are definitely some truths! Watch it and it will hopefully get you thinking about how we can work at NOT being like this!

3. Bethany's weekly sermons for download
If you were busy over the holidays and missed some Sundays, we upload all sermon audio to our website. It's pretty handy! If you have a USB jack in the car, you can easily save the sermons and listen to them anytime!

4. The Source for Parents
Parents, this one is for you! This site is run by a guy named Jonathan McKee. He also runs a site I use for a lot of youth ministry games, event ideas, etc. He posts a lot of quality stuff! This site has a ton of useful info and resources for you - videos of parenting workshops he's done (what are your kids watching on TV?) and a blog that he regularly updates with real-life teenage issues (what REALLY happens at school dances?).

5. Christmas Stories with Graham - YouTube video
If there's one thing you learn from watching this guy seriously flub the Christmas story, it's to read your Bible so you DON'T sound as ridiculous as him!

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