Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday School recap - Oct. 26

This week we had 3 classes:

  • How do we know the Bible is true? - We finished out last lesson by taking a look at fulfilled prophecy and talked about possible errors in the copies of the original manuscripts.
  • Creative Lord's Prayer - Val taught the second out of 4 lessons. The group is learning to do this prayer in sign language so they can present it to the church later this fall.
  • Share Your Story - Taylor shared about her missions trip to Africa this summer and brought pictures too!

Next week we only have 2 options, as the third class had a very low signup. Students who signed up for Growing in Faith can join my class this Sunday instead. The Growing in Faith series is postponed until December. Here's what's happening next Sunday:

  • Creative Lord's Prayer - Val will continue with week 3 of 4.
  • Influential Christians Throughout History - I am starting this 4 week series about famous Christians who have positively impacted our faith. We will learn some basic info about various people such as Constantine, CS Lewis, Martin Luther, Corrie ten Boom, and more! Each week we will play a round of Jeopardy to help us remember who these people are.

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