Monday, November 03, 2014

Sunday School Recap - Nov. 2

This week we had two modules:

Creative Lord's Prayer, week 3 - Val and the group will be presenting the Lord's Prayer in sign language during the November 23 service. They have one more week of practising left.

Influential Christians Throughout History - week 1. I am teaching this 4 week series about Christians who have positively impacted our faith in a variety of ways. We are doing this chronologically. Week 1 featured many "Great Thinkers" and we ended with a round of Jeopardy. You can learn more about the following people by clicking there name (links go to Wikipedia). Below each name is the discussion question we talked about if you want to talk about these people with your kids further!

Tertullian: author, apologist, lawyer, translator, fought heresy, coined the term "Trinity"

  • Discussion question: Tertullian fought against heresy for most of his life, but was never labelled as a Saint because his later teachings contradicted the apostles. What can we learn from these mistakes?

Constantine the Great: First Christian Roman Emperor, called the Nicene Council, Edict of Milan to declare legal tolerance for the faith

  • Discussion question: What impact can Christians have in government today?

Basil the Great: Greek bishop who gave up his wealth and career to serve the needy

  • Discussion question: If you felt called by God to give up your wealth, what would you use that money for?

Jerome: priest, theologian and historian, translated the Bible to Latin (Vulgate)

  • Discussion question: Jerome lived a very sinful life before converting and then doing great things for Christianity. How can our sins and mistakes hold us back from doing God’s work?

St. Augustine: one of most important church fathers, theologian and philosopher

  • Discussion question: Why is it important for Christians to study theology?

Francis of Assisi: friar, preacher, worked to end Crusades, patron saint of animals/environment, considered one of most Christ-like leaders of all time

  • Discussion question: How should Christians view and treat the environment?

Thomas Aquinas: friar, priest, philosopher and theologian, father of Thomism, believed that all truth is God's truth

  • Discussion question: When you look at nature, what can you conclude about God’s character?

John Wycliffe: philosopher, theologian, peachier, translator, reformer, dissident of Catholic church, martyr, fought corrupt church teachers (precursor to Reformation) and burned at the stake for it

  • Discussion question: How do different translations impact the way you read the Bible? Which translation is your favourite?

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