Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costume party recap

Well our annual costume party has come and gone, and it sure was a good one! Our kids just love costumes, which is great because so do I! Especially homemade ones :)

This event was for the youth and preteens combined... it was great to have so many people in the Attic. I love it when the room is jam-packed.

What a lovely group... can you find Waldo?

We started off with an icebreaker game... "Halloween Who Am I." Each kid had a name taped to their back and they had to ask yes or no questions to try and figure out who they were. After that, we got into teams to play Spooky Trivia. of course, Harlen and Dalton's team won.... if you want anyone on your team for Spooky Trivia, it's these two - they LOVE Tim Burton movies, and Tim Burton makes a lot of really great movies for trivia! I was dressed as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favourite of all his movies.

After a short concession break, we played a "Make a Mummy" game. Each team had a roll of toilet paper and they had to mummify one of their teammates. The criteria was to be as accurate as possible, and with three of the six teams being very accurate it was really hard to choose! We ended up picking two teams as winners.

Our last game was pumpkin carving... we do it every year. The criteria was the best and most clever pumpkin carving (using nothing but the pumpkin). There were some great pumpkins, like "Pumpkinception" (a pumpkin inside a pumpkin), Hello Kitty, and the winner, Jack Skellington.

Finally, we revealed the winners for the costume competition. First place (Shoshawna as Wonderwoman) won a goody bag and pumpkin, second and third place winners (Ryan and Ethan as Lego blocks) got goody bags, and then there were 7 honourable mentions who won chocolate bars (Mitchell, Breanna, Dakota, Isabella, Sean, Meg, and Jonah). We also gave away a chocolate bar for the best leader costume, and it went to Carlon who dressed as Bill Nye the Science Guy. Congratulations to all the great costumes! I would have liked to give away even more prizes, but alas, I ran out of goodies!

Here are some photos from the night:
Our awesome iConnect leaders, Cora and Jennine!

Matt was "Matthewmatics"
Carlon (Bill Nye) and Dakota the pirate
Me dressed as Sally, with Riley, Sarah, Rayna, and Robyn
Sheldon, Jeff, Sean, Kellen, Eric, Carlon, and CJ
Jeff the Mexican Pickle and Mitchell as Waldo
Our second/third prize winners, Ethan and Ryan!

Be sure to check Facebook for more photos... Bob, Jennine and I all posted some!

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