Monday, January 16, 2012

Spiritual Gifts and new small groups

Hey everyone!

This past week was our first Alive! night with the preteens and also our first night with new small groups. If you weren't there and don't know who is in your small group, please let me know and I will send you the info. It was a chaotic night because of technical problems but overall it was still fun and it was great to have the preteens and youth together for worship and games.

This Friday is Make a Movie Night. The teams are the different small groups. I have sent and email and/or Facebook message to each group so they are able to contact each other to plan their movie.

Pastor Stef has been preaching on spiritual gifts for the past few weeks so we've covered it a bit in small group and on Sunday morning. Yesterday, we had a combined class with the preteens and we all took spiritual gifts test to see what ours might be. We also worked in groups to brainstorm how to use the different gifts in our church and youth ministry.

Parents, if you plan on talking about spiritual gifts with your child, you can refer to the small group questions I posted last week. You can also do your own test online here or by printing one out here. Please encourage your teen to be looking for ways to use their gifts at church!

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