Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday night Bible study - Nov. 19

Dear parents,

We wrapped up our small group series on the characteristics of God this week by looking at God’s love. We used Psalm 144 as our primary text, and we saw how really unfathomable God’s love is, and we discussed our responsibility to share this love with others. We saw how God is love and how we are given the opportunity and the command to love others.

This week take a few moments to talk with your teenager about God’s love. Discuss the importance of God’s love. Talk about ways your student can share God’s love with friends. Pray that at school your teenager will let God’s love shine. Here are some questions you could use during your conversation:

• Do you keep track of your prayer requests and how God answers those requests? Why or why not? If you do keep track, how has this affected your spiritual growth?
• Jeremiah 31:3 teaches us that God’s love is limitless and without timeframes or conditions. How is this different from what our culture teaches about love?
• When have you experienced others loving you the way God loves you? When have you loved others the way God loves them?
Have an awesome week!

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