Wednesday, April 05, 2017

May Camp 2017 Overview

What is May Camp?

May Camp is a retreat weekend for youth that includes chapel sessions, meals together, free time and activities, field games, a talent show, and lots of other fun stuff—all at beautiful Green Bay Bible Camp on Lake Okanagan!

We partner with our sister Baptist churches: Sunshine Ridge (Surrey), Ebenezer (Vancouver), Chilliwack, Lakeview Heights (West Kelowna), and Faith (Vernon). 
May Camp is a great way to build friendships and meet youth from other churches. Our Chapel sessions feature upbeat worship, games, and a speaker. Spend your afternoons  swimming, kayaking, on the field, playing games, offsite at one of our activity options, making a Starbucks run with a youth leader, or just relaxing on the beach!

This year we have rented a coach bus to transport us there and back - we are leaving earlier than previous years to beat the Hwy 1 traffic jams that always seem to delay us. The bus features comfortable seating, a small bathroom, and luggage storage.

The Basics

Who: Grade 7-12 students
What: A long-weekend youth retreat for youth from NAB churches in BC 
When: May 19-22, 2017 (meet 11am on Friday at church)
WhereGreen Bay Bible Camp, 1449 Green Bay Rd., West Kelowna

Accommodations: Green Bay is designed as a family camp with several facilities and features - the girls stay in the Lodge building with bathrooms in their rooms; guys stay in the Cabins with a common bathroom; camp also has a dining hall, Chapel, enclosed waterfront area for swimming, kayaking, etc., grassy areas, beach, RC car pit, and large field. The Lodge also has a common space for teens to hang out with couches, foosball, etc. We are a 5 minute drive from West Kelowna centre (groceries, fast food, clinic, etc.) and a 15 minute drive from Kelowna.

What to bring: Basic packing list is included in your registration form and includes:
- BIBLE and pen (you WILL need it for Chapel this year)
- Clothes for the weekend - be sure to check the weather!
- Jacket in case of poor weather/rain
- Running shoes for activities and games
- Swimwear - board shorts to the knee for guys, tankini/one piece for girls (or just wear a tank over your two piece)
- Bedding - sleeping bag and pillow
- Toiletries and towel
- Dress for girls night (we dress up for Sunday dinner!)
- Money for lunch and dinner on the way up, extra change for Starbucks or McDonald's runs during the weekend
- Camera and alarm clock as phones/tablets not allowed

Please avoid large bulky items (e.g. your guitar) but please feel free to bring activities such as board games, girls' night supplies, snacks, etc.

What not to bring: 

- Anything illegal
- Prank supplies
- Phones/tablets - we will be collecting these items when you get off the bus on Friday night (if you choose to bring it on the drive). Our no tech rule is camp wide - we encourage teens to spend time enjoying face-to-face friendships, and this rule prevents lost or damaged equipment - something that seemed to happen every year. Enjoy your phone on the bus rides, and know that when we collect them they will be locked in a safe in a secure location for the weekend. Amanda will post on this blog and in our Facebook group to let parents know that we have arrived safely. In case of emergency, call Green Bay to get a hold of Amanda or your child. If teens need to get in touch with parents, we will unlock the safe to let them use their phone to contact parents before it is locked up again. 

Basic camp schedule:

- Meet at Bethany at 11am for departure (stop for lunch on the way - probably in Hope or Merritt)
- Arrive at Kelowna City Park for afternoon free time/dinner in late afternoon (depending on traffic) - park has boardwalk, grassy area, beach and change rooms, with places to eat nearby for dinner (if it rains we will go to the mall instead)
- Head to camp approx 7pm. - free time - unpack, etc. 
- Chapel time
- Night snack
- Indoor free time
- 1am lights out

- Breakfast 
- Chapel and small groups, followed by free time
- lunch 
- free time for afternoon (includes field access, waterfront activities), optional activities take place during this time for those who signed up (hike, archery, archery tag, tubing)
- Dinner
- Chapel
- Evening activities (choice between outdoor night game or DIY night), 
- Night snack
- Indoor free time
- Lights out

- Breakfast 
- Chapel and small groups, followed by free time
- lunch 
- Field games
- Afternoon free time (includes field access and waterfront)
- Bethany girls night
- Dinner
- Chapel
- Hootenany (talent show)
- Night snack
- Indoor free time
- Lights out

- Breakfast
- Chapel
- Pack up
- Group photo
- Lunch
- Depart camp approx 1pm (not stopping for meals unless there is bad traffic and our arrival and church is significantly delayed)
- Arrive at Bethany approx 6pm.

- Chapel time is mandatory
- No guys and girls in each others' rooms
- Respect camp property
- Appropriate swimwear
- 11pm quiet time (residences on either side of us - hang out in the dining hall or Lodge room instead)
- Don't leave camp property without a leader (includes visiting relatives in the area, taking kayaks/canoes out of enclosed waterfront, etc.)

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