Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Clue 2016 Recap

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WOW! Clue was already more than a week ago and we are still excited about the game and how it went - thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers for making it possible!

This year we were joined by Sunshine Ridge Baptist, Ebenezer Baptist, Sherbrooke Mennonite, Fraserview Mennonite, and The Church on 5 (formerly Bethell/The Way). It was great to see our old friends and make some new friends too!

Our theme this year was WILD WEST - teens entered Frontier Town circa 1850 and worked to solve the mystery of the bank robbery.

How the Game Worked

Teams couldn't enter the two crime scenes (the stagecoach that crashed during the getaway, and the bank vault where the robbery took place) until they trained to be deputies under our Head Sheriff Sheldon. Once they visited the crime scenes and made observations, they needed to visit the Sheriff's Office, where they were sent out to complete their training.

To become deputies, teams needed to: 1) get a haircut at the Barber, confirm citizenship at Town Hall, earn their gun license at the Shooting Range, buy a deputy pistol at the Trading Post, and learn to ride a horse at the Ranch. After completing these tasks, they were certified as Deputies by Sheldon.

Once they earned Deupty Clearance, teams could enter the crime scenes and gather evidence. They also learned at the Sheriff Office that they would need to forge a key to the lost treasure.

To forge a key, they had to learn how to make one at the Trading Post, go to the Mine and find iron ore, and then take it to the Blacksmith to have a key forged.

Once they entered the Bank Vault crime scene, they found a piece of green bandana. When they figured out that they were sold at the General Store, they were told that 3 people bought that colour and they would have to find them and learn their names (Prospect Pete, Billy Boots and Mean Marv). Then, they visited the Saloon where the bartender told them he saw a stout man make off with the stolen gold after the stagecoach crashed.

Once they entered the Stagecoach crime scene, they found half of a map with handwriting on it. At the post office they learned that someone dropped a map at the Dance Hall, but once they arrived, learned that they gave it to the Ranch. At the Ranch Pigpen, they recieved the second half of the map.

With their key, suspect names, and map, teams then had to report back to the Sheriff's Office. They were told to go and arrest their best guess at the correct suspect and bring him back. Each suspect lead to different buried items outside - two were false leads, sending the "injured" teams to get stitches before trying again. One was the true suspect, who lead them to the buried gold that they dug up to complete the game.

Alternate Activities

Because we had 110 players - and not everyone figures out how to play this complicated game - we also offered a prize to the team who could complete the most activities aside from solving the mystery. Teams could go to either the Post Office and deliver mail around town, or could go to the Trading Post and learn that they could pan for gold and mine raw resources to forge into items that needed delivering around town.

The Winners

Congratulations to our winning teams:

First Place - Brady and Friends and Their Friends Too (Brady, Ethan, Ryan, Quinn and Umran)
Second Place - Koala Cows (Stephen, Connor and Mathais)
Third Place - Mastermind (Evelyn, Sandra and Meghan)

Alternate Activities Winner - Soup-A-Stars (Emily, Breanna and Robyn)

The Volunteers

Black Rock Chapel - Nancy, Micah and Faith
Saddleback Post Office - Matt and Temi
Oakley Prison - Brent
Proprietor B.L. Smithe Blacksmith - Harvey and Helga
Buffalo Barber Shop - Marni and James
Sheriff Office - Sheldon, Carlon and Kris
Maverick's General Store - Teri, Randy and George
Buckaroo Ranch Pigpen - Horst and Tonia
Buckaroo Ranch Horse Riding - Sherbrooke leaders
Buckaroo Ranch Lasso Practice - Ebenezer leaders
Fistfull of Bullets Shooting Range - Jake, Angelika and Madison
Cooper's Concesion - Heidi, Susanna and Cailey (Church on 5)
Wild Frontier - Val and Carissa
Sierra Madre Gold Panning - Jesse
Tomahawk Trading Post - Christine and Miriam
Cattle Canyon Mine - Tara, Rayna and Riley
Bronco Bank - Sunshine Ridge leaders
Town Hall - Connie, Bernie and Tiana
Golden Nugget Dance Hall - Peter, Shawna and Laurie
Black Jack Saloon - Heidi, Kristina, Tyler and Kayla
Rodeo Railroad - Colleen
Bighorn Mountain Pass - Fraserview Leaders
Prospect Pete (guilty suspect) - Toby
Town Robbers - Will, Mitchell, Jonah and Daniel
Town Deputies - Michelle, Kayla, Rick and Connor
Stagecoach Crime Scene Guard - Bernie
Wandering Townspeople (they keep the game moving!) - Bob, Iana, Angela, Mark and Amanda
Coat Check - Joe and Doris
Photographer - Jasmin
Videographer - Eric

See you next year for Clue - November 4, 2017!

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