Monday, January 18, 2016

MissionsFest Youth Rally

Next Friday, Jan. 29, we are going to the MissionsFest Youth Rally instead of our usual Alive Night. If you have never been to MissionsFest, it's a weekend-long convention with a focus on missions and service. There are various events, services, workshops and more all weekend, plus the exhibition room, which is filled with booths to learn more about summer camps, missionaries, charities and organizations, schools, and more.

The Youth Rally is a worship night with a speaker - so pretty much "teen church!" The music this year is lead by Chapel Band. Chapel is a Lower Mainland network of churches who put on monthly youth worship nights in various locations. We will be going to Chapel Richmond next month!

The speaker is Danielle Strickland - I have heard her speak before and she is very high energy and perfect for a teen audience. She runs an anti-trafficking organization here in Canada.

The normal ticket price for this event is $15 - but if you buy your ticket through me the cost is $10 instead. Please sign up by Friday Jan. 22 so we can order tickets before they sell out!! You can also order tickets on your own if you forget to sign up, but keep in mind this event sold out a few days in advance last year. If you buy your own ticket you can still travel with us to this event. If cost is an issue, please contact Amanda and we will cover your ticket price.

We will be renting a bus to take us there and back as this event is at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Permission forms are required if you are travelling with us, but not if you have your own ride to and from the event (but let us know if you are meeting us there so we can find you!).

The Rally is from 7-9pm so we will be meeting at the church at 6pm so we have plenty of time to get there and find good seats. We will leave immediately afterwards and should be back at the church around 9:30pm. Please eat dinner before coming to church.

For more info about MissionsFest - click here
For more info about the Youth Rally - click here

For the permission form (due upon arrival on Jan. 29, along with ticket fee if you haven't paid yet) - click here

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