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Clue: The Super League - event recap

The Clue Game was this past weekend - another year is done! This year our theme was The Super League. In the City of Bethany, the superheroes kept order... until the villians decided to build a machine to suck their superpowers away! Teams had to work to collect clues to figure out how to find and disarm the machine to save the heroes.

Clue is our biggest outreach event of the year. This year, Sunshine Ridge and Ebenezer churches joined us for this event - we do May Camp together so it was great to see our friends! We encourage students to bring friends to play with. Teams work together throughout the game to visit the townspeople, complete activities and earn their clues.

a BIG thanks to our volunteers this year - they did an amazing job!! Clue is a big day as all of our set up and take down happens in a 24 hour period.... but our volunteers are incredible and work so hard to make this game a success. If you walk into the church during the game it certainly doesn't look like Bethany anymore!! Scroll down for our full list of volunteer roles.

We get a lot of questions about how the game works - so keep reading if you are curious as I will explain how to win the game. More photos will be added to this post once they are edited, and we have a recap video in the works as well.

The first thing teams had to do (unknowlingly, of course!) was to talk to the four superheroes: Captain Bethany, Myst, Sparrow, and Electra. Each hero gave them one digit of a security code, which they used to unlock the safety deposit box in the Iron Bank. In the box they found 3 clues that lead them down 3 different storylines to the end of the game.

The first item they found was a ripped paper that lead to the Church of St. Francis. In this storyline, at the church they learned how to track down Myst (superpower was the ability to shape-shift and disappear into a cloud of mist), who told them to find out if there were any unusual radiation levels in town. They eventually learned from Bethany City Hall that something was causing high levels in the Stadium - but without the other clues, they couldn't enter to find the machine.

The next item in the safety deposit box was a coupon for ice cream, which lead them to the Little Ice Cream Shoppe. In this storyline, they learned that the birds were behaving strangely, so they had to find Sparrow (superpower was flight) to get a birdwatching card. Then at the Superhero Cinema, they learned that they could buy binoculars from the Black Market in order to go birdwatching at Grimm City Park. At the park, they could find the crows hidden in the forest, where they recorded their tracking numbers - the numbers pieced together to give them a code to unlock the room with the machine - but without the remaining clues, they still didn't know how to disarm it even though they knew how to find it.

The last clue in the safety deposit box was a newspaper article that lead them to the University of Gotham and The Factory, where they learn that a machine was being made by them before a robbery. They were also given a wire to help them. They continued their quest to the Bethany Library, and then to Electra (super power was electricity) where they eventually were given the blueprints to the machine.

With the location of the machine, code to get to it, and blueprint/wire to disable it, they next tracked down Captain Bethany (super power was super strength) who told them the password to enter the hidden room in Stark Stadium ("play for keeps"). So finally, they went to the Stadium, earned entry to the secret room, battled the Human Lizard (our villain) and then were able to disarm the machine and win the game!

A big congrats to our winning teams:

  • First Place: Emily, Breanna, Robyn and Leslie - this group has come close for several years and finally were victorious!
  • Second Place: Brady, Ryan, Ethan, Aaron and Miguel - the first game for most of them!
  • Third Place: Michaela, Samantha, Kyla, and Brittney - representing Sunshine Ridge
  • Honourable Mentions: Sarah, Corah, Lauren, Francesca came in fourth place, and Connor, Stephen and Brandon were waiting in line to finish when we announced the game end. 

Congrats to all! This is NOT an easy game!!

Here is a list of all volunteers in the game - they did a wonderful job and we can't thank them enough:

  • Captain Bethany - Paul S. 
  • Myst - Carlon S.
  • Sparrow - Connor P.
  • Electra - Michelle V.
  • Human Lizard - Jeff W.
  • Bethany City Hall - Ebenezer Baptist - Pastor Isaac, Margaret, Marina, Darren and Anthony
  • Church of St. Francis - Jesse and Riley B.
  • Bethany Library - Kristina T., Elysia D, Kayla and Tyler S.
  • Town Jail - Brent L.
  • Arkham Asylum - Sunshine Ridge Baptist - Pastor Tim, Grant, Lowen, Tynnea, Leah and Javier
  • The Little Ice Cream Shoppe - James and Marni A.
  • Bubba's Garage - Helga and Harvey S.
  • Iron Bank - Joseph, Heidi, Lilly and Susanna U.
  • Superhero Cinema - Pastor Stef, Nancy, Micah and Faith
  • Grimm City Park - Angela F and Meghan H
  • Stark Stadium - Brad, Carolyne, Joel, Nathan, Micah, Spencer and Elias B.
  • Buglioni's Bistro - Janine B.
  • Green Grocer - Christine P.
  • Univeristy of Gotham - Shawna, Peter and Eva D.
  • Bethany Community Centre - Tara B.
  • Greasy Rat Tavern - Val C, Joanna P and Carissa
  • The Factory - Horst and Tonia H.
  • Black Market - Matt S. and Temi O.
  • Police - Rick S, Toby R, Kayla M and Taylor K
  • Villain Robbers - Mitchell P, Heidi S, Jody R
  • Toll Booth Workers - Don L., Ron H., Harold and Kim B
  • Coat Check - Mark and Lorraine S.
  • Media - Sue and Jasmin (photographers), and Eric (video)
  • Gamerunners - Sheldon, Bob, Shelby and Amanda

And now, the photos - click the link to access them. Thanks to our media team for the great shots - these are Sue's photos and Jasmin's are on the way. Come to church on Sunday for the recap video - it will also be posted here when it is done! Join our Facebook group for ALL of the photos as these are just a selection.

Sue's photos:
Photographers - Sue and Jasmin

Ladies in the Greasy Rat Tavern

Something for sale at the Tavern

Ice Cream workers, James and Marni

Piva Family ran the Cinema

The city park!

Angela and Meghan ran the park

Harv taking a break from the garage

Jeff the Human Lizard and Amanda his makeup artist

Officer Toby

Human Lizard and Dr. Destruction

Carlon was on the money! Plus Sheldon Bob and Amanda on the bigger bills

Officer Kayla with Matt and Temi the Black Market workers

Sunshine Ridgers 

Tim and his posse ran the Asylum and were hilarious!

Sheldon and Amanda announcing game winners

The villains are plotting 
Kristina and Elysia in the Library

Heidi was one tough robber

Temi broke her ankle, spent weeks in the hospital having surgeries, and STILL stuck to her Clue commitment!!

Our third place team

The Factory's activity

Horst and Tonia, the nutty factory workers

Our second place team

Jody the robber

Taylor, the very strange cop

Brent, one of our rookie volunteers, ran the jail

Waiting for sundaes

Officer Rick and his son, who helped in the library
Janine ran concession, and skyped with Colleen in Terrace so she's in this shot too :) 

Peter and Eva in the University

Our fourth place team

Carlon aka Myst

Completing the activity in City Hall

The Breedveld boys ran the stadium

Christine, our Greengrocer

Michelle, aka Electra

the University

Paul, aka Captain Bethany enjoys some ice cream

Sparrow, aka Connor

The winning team

Anthony in City Hall

Bubba in his Garage

Riley in the church

Sunshine Ridge's room

Bob showing us the machine - he makes our Clue props!

Brad's boys made this awesome sigh for their room - they were our youngest volunteers!

A shot of the green grocer

They got lost, but they made it to Clue after all!

Joseph and Lilly running the bank

Sparrow with some players

Micah in the cinema

Jasmin's photos coming soon!

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