Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Sunday Mornings this fall

This Sunday is our kick off week!! Where has the summer gone?!

On Sunday mornings grades 6-12 all meet in the Attic (youth room) to get started. Students can sign up for lessons/series of their choosing as we offer 2-3 lesson options each week. We introduced this 'lesson module' format last year and it was a huge hit!! Our students love having a say in what they are learning, we are able to offer a way better variety of topics, and it's cool to bring in other church members to connect with our students.

This year, some of our classes will have age limits, while others are open to all grades. Students can read about the class summaries, who is teaching each class, and the age limits both on the blog in advance, as well as on Sunday mornings.

Students can sign up for their classes in advance EVERY Sunday morning - our class schedule is generally posted about a month in advance. I recommend signing up for classes in advance for the lessons that have a limit on how many students can sign up (e.g. kitchen training last year - we could only fit so many students in our kitchen!). Other classes have no limit.

This Sunday, we will meet all together for a fairly easy-going kick off week. We'll have hot chocolate and snacks, I will be explaining how this lesson stuff works, we will hand out study Bibles to all new students and those who do not have a Bible, and then we will play some games to get to know one another.

Here are the lessons students can sign up for this month:

*We have made Bible 101 mandatory for grade 6s as they will all be recieving a Life Application Study Bible this week and we want to ensure that they know how to use it. After this lesson series, they will be able to sign up for the classes of their choosing.

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