Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Win a summer gift pack!

Each spring I ask our students and parents for feedback so we can plan for the upcoming school year with YOU in mind! What did you like? What didn't you like? What do you want to learn about? What games do you want to play?

Fill out the form on our website by May 7 and your name will be entered into a draw for a summer gift pack! The form takes about 5 minutes. Each student in grades 5-12 (yes, grade 5s too since they have experienced iConnect now!) will have their name entered once for filling out their own form. If they ask a parent/guardian to fill it out too, their name is entered a second time.

Parents, we value your opinions of our ministry even though you aren't there for our events! What do YOU want your kid to be learning/doing/experiencing in our ministry? For parents with more than one child in our programming, just fill it out once and list all of your kids' names and they will all get a second entry in the draw.

The prize is a summer gift basket full of goodies and useful gear to have a great summer. The winner will be announced on May 8.

Here's the link to the form: http://bethanybaptist.bc.ca/#/student-ministries/year-end-feedback 

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