Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Crazy Weekend!

We have TWO events this weekend! Wowza!

First up is GROSS NIGHT on Friday. This is for iConnect and Youth. Meet in the youth room and come early to get a snack from concession and find a good seat.

Gross Night is one of our most popular events, and it's an outreach event - we do it so you can invite friends! Invite them all because we are giving away a group prize for whoever has the most new friends with them. We never force you to participate in Gross Night, but if you are thinking of volunteering for one of our gross or messy games, bring an old shirt (we also have extras). Bring a camera if you have one, and cash if you want food from concession (proceeds go to our sponsor kid). We will have lots of prizes too!

On Saturday night we are doing the GORGON FUNDRAISER! This is a crowd favourite, and we play it in the dark! It's a mix of tag and hide n go seek. This event is for all 3 Student Ministry age groups. $2 admission is going towards missions projects such as a Terrace missions trip, our sponsor child fund, and a scholarship fund for our local high school. New friends get in for free. Concession will also run before and after the game. Wear dark clothes and running shoes. Doors open at 6:30pm, game starts at 7pm. Doors will be locked at 7:15pm for safety so don't be late! The game ends at 9pm.

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