Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Sunday School - Nov. 30

This week we had 3 new classes:

  • Rethinking Christmas - my 3 week series kicked off - this class is about looking at popular Christmas traditions, discussing how and why we celebrate, and brainstorming ways to put Christ at the centre of those traditions.
  • Current Events Prayer - this one week class was taught by Frank, a student leader. The group read various news articles and brainstormed ways to pray for people and issues around the world.
  • Encouragement - this one week class was taught by Connor. The group read about encouraging others in the Bible before writing Encouragement Cards to people at church.

Next week, my class continues and two new series (2 weeks each) start up:

  • Music & Scripture - Temi is teaching this 2 week class - students will read through song lyrics of popular music and discuss whether or not the messages line up with Scripture.
  • Growing in Faith - Jasmin is teaching this 2 week class about how to grow in faith outside of what happens at church.
Students can sign up for classes through the end of January whenever they are in the youth room. Students can also choose their classes when they show up on Sunday mornings.

Our last week of Sunday School before the Christmas break is December 21. This will be a big class for all students as we celebrate Christmas. There is no Sunday School hour (all ages) on December 28 and January 4.

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