Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sunday School - Dec. 7

This week we had 3 Sunday options:

Rethinking Christmas, week 2 of 3 - we talked about Christmas music and movies, the messages we receive and whether or not they honour God.

Growing in Faith, week 1 of 2 - Jasmin taught this class about growing on your own and shared her testimony as well.

Music and Scripture, week 1 of 2 - Temi taught this class as the group looked at popular song lyrics and discussed how those messages line up with what God says.

All 3 classes wrap up this coming Sunday, Dec. 14. On Dec. 21 all grades will have a Christmas party in the youth room during normal Sunday hours.

A note to parents - we have been having some difficulty with students being disruptive in lessons and during the service. Please touch base with your child about respectful behaviour during these times. We provide worksheets during the service so students can focus better on what is going on but many kids aren't using them. After a few warnings to individual students, we will ask them to sit with their parents if they continue to be disruptive to other students. Thanks very much for your help on this!

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