Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Advent Conspiracy Charity Share

This year, our youth ministry has been focusing more on serving others. Our student leaders have planned new ways to include more service projects throughout the year, which is so great! When we were learning about serving, we focused on the "3-T's" - time, treasure, and talents. When we covered serving with our time, students were asked to bring charities or causes that they cared about. We decided it would be great to share these charities with the rest of the church!

If you missed the morning service this week (Nov. 30), we kicked off the Christmas season by showing the Advent Conspiracy video and sharing our charities in a display after the service. The display will remain at the Missions Table throughout the month of December for people to check out and learn more. If you would prefer to download a booklet of the charities our students and leaders recommended, click here.

And of course, here is the Advent Conspiracy video - we show it every year but it rings true all the same! We believe Christmas can still change the world and invite you to participate.

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