Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday School recap - Oct 12

Here's the basics of what was covered during this Sunday's classes:

  • Spiritual Gifts - the group toured the church and brainstormed the gifts that would be useful for the different ministries that happen around our building. This was the last week of this class.
  • Journalling - the group spent time journalling about people they care about and are encouraged to share what they wrote with the person they wrote about. This was the last week of this class.
  • How do we know the Bible is true - we talked about legends vs. truth in the Bible, and then focused on why our Bible is trustworthy compared to other "Christian" writings like the Lost Gospels, which aren't. We now have 2 lessons left.

Next week, 2 new classes start:

Share Your Story - Oct 19 & 26 - Guest speakers will be sharing their testimonies/important stories from their lives. Students will have time to ask them questions when they are done speaking. Michelle V., one of our youth leaders, will share her testimony on the 19th, and Taylor K. will be sharing about her recent month-long missions trip to Zambia on Oct 26.

Creative Lord's Prayer - Oct 19-Nov 9 - Auntie Val will be teaching this 4 week class on the Lord's Prayer, which includes learning how to do it in sign language!

For more upcoming classes, see below :)

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