Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sunday Mornings start Sept. 7

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that this Sunday, September 7, we resume our school year programming for all ministries. Join us for Sunday classes from 9:45-11am, immediately followed by the worship service.

I've talked a bit about some of the changes coming up in Sunday School here, but I have a few more details for you now that it's September. We will be starting our module format in October. Until then, grades 6-12 will be meeting in the Attic (youth room) for one large class. We will be learning about how to properly use and study our Bibles. During this month, students will have the opportunity to sign up for which module classes they would like to be in for October. We will be offering 3 options each week, with series running 2-6 weeks in length. We ask that students commit to attending the series they sign up for instead of going to whichever lesson they feel like each week. For this first Sunday, we will have some snacks, activities, and will be further explaining the changes happening this year. If the lesson schedule for the fall will be available on the blog later this week so students can start thinking about what lessons interest them.

If you are new to Bethany or don't know much about what happens around here on Sundays, here's some info about the Sunday school hour:

  • Preschool classes are downstairs - a parent must sign their child in and out of class, which runs the entire morning
  • Children (Gr. 1-5) meet upstairs in the All Star Kids wing. Their programming also runs the entire morning. If you arrive at 11am, they can sit with you or their group and watch for dismissal
  • Preteens & Youth are meeting together for the month of September in the Attic upstairs
  • English Adult classes are happening downstairs in the Chapel, lead by Pastor Stef. They are studying the New Testament
  • Chinese Ministry meets in the Centre Lounge which is downtstairs

Info about the worship service:

  • This is a multicultural service. Live Chinese translation is available - visit the Welcome Centre before the service for more info
  • The balcony is now closed - just a heads up if that's your usual spot! You are encouraged to sit on the main floor or either side wing of the Sanctuary
  • Preteens and youth generally sit together on the left hand wing - teens can sit wherever they like, but we ask that all preteens not sitting with parents sit together in this area
  • Worksheets, notepaper, and pens are available for all grade 6-12 students during the service
  • Dress however you like. Some people wear suits, some wear jeans. Your fashion isn't particularly important to us, we're just glad you're here!

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