Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure Night - May 2

This is a small-group based event for YOUTH only - each group is planning their own thing so we are NOT having a regular event at church!!! Please read the details below - more will be posted as I hear back from the groups. iConnect will be meeting at the church as usual.

Amanda's small group (gr. 8-10 girls) - Spa Night at my house. 7-9pm and bring snacks (I will provide drinks). I have face masks, foot scrub, and some nail polish, but feel free to bring your own stuff too. Contact me for my address (it also went out in our weekly email, Facebook event, and it's in the church directory).

Sheldon, Adam, Cody and Jake's groups (gr. 8-11 boys) - Filming a movie at church, 7-9pm. These two small groups are merging to make a ninja movie! Meet in the youth room from 7-9pm. Sheldon has camera equipment. Check back here to see if you need to bring anything.

Bob's group (gr. 12 boys) - golfing! This group is going to the Pitch and Put in Central park (Burnaby). This group will meet earlier, around 6-6:30 - let Bob know what time you can make it to the church so the group can set the final time. Cost is $9.50 for admission and club rental is paid on top of that, bring a few extra bucks for golf balls or bring your own. Contact Bob if you want to borrow a club. If the weather is bad the group will be hanging out at Bob's from 7-9pm.

Heidi's group (gr. 11-12 girls) - going to see Grease at Delta Secondary - Hannah is in this play so the girls will be heading out to Ladner. Please let Heidi know if you are coming so they can book tickets. Cost is $13 for students and $15 for adults. You will likely have to meet there at 6:30pm to get in line. I will post more info when I know more.

For all groups, please communicate via Facebook about car rides (or email me if you don't have Facebook). For some groups this will take some planning but I'm sure carpooling should work. Please let us know if you can come as soon as possible!

If you don't know what small group you are in, contact me -

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