Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gross Night Recap

Last Friday night was my favourite event of them all - GROSS NIGHT!! This year I had help planning the event from Emily, Han, Asia and Jasper. Thanks for doing a great job you guys!

Gross Night is exactly what it sounds like. We plan some really gross games that either involve eating unappetizing things or getting dirty - or both! We tarp the front of the room and the stage, have lots of towels and air freshener on hand, and the kids flock to the event! Ah, to be a teenager and WANT to do the games...

This year we played lots of games and gave out whoopie cushions as prizes. We also ran concession all night to raise money for the Red Cross's Syria Crisis Fund. I'm rather disappointed that nobody barfed, especially during the Banana Sprite challenge, which the internet told us was foolproof. I guess the internet isn't always right... shocker!!

Without further ado, here are some shots of the night (thanks Sue for taking them!). Mark and Eric are also working on a recap video that I will post soon as well!

Candy stick - lick candies and stick them to a friend's face. Most candies after 2 min wins!

Whipped fish - one partner smears cool whip on their face and their friend throws sardines. Fishiest face wins!

Just desserts - opponents choose a yummy looking dessert and first one done wins. The "desserts" were mayo "ice cream" sundae, curry cookie, horseradish-stuffed donut, and caramel onion.

Bobbing for escargot in Koolaid. Thankfully this year it didn't stain faces!

Banana Sprite chug - eat 2 bananas as fast as possible and chug a sprite. Too bad nobody barfed... they must have HUGE stomachs! 
Gross Pong ingredients - banana, marshmellow, pickle, spam, onion, and smoked oysters

Gross pong - two opponents take turns throwing ingredients into each others' cups. After 2 min we top the cups off with VERY concentrated Koolaid - first one to drink it wins!

Egg blow - we crack eggs into a tube and opponents try to blow it into each other's mouths (the don't actually have to swallow the egg... hence the extra tarp!)

Bob, our chief egg-cracker

Peter's clever invention, Barf Way! This way the kids can make it to the washroom to clean themselves up without getting gross ingredients in the carpet.

Eric, one of our cameramen

Mark, the other cameraman and editor of the video

Cora was Febreeze Lady - it gets SO stinky we have to spray all night and take a break to wipe tarps. Apparently they could smell us downstairs!
Whopper slopper - one partner uses hamburger ingredients to make a design on their friend's head. Val won because of her unicorn horn, courtesy of her boyfriend Keenan!

Heidi was very excited to turn Ryan into a hamburger!

Marshmallow much - volunteers choose a "dipping sauce" to roll 5 marshmallows in to eat. First person done wins. the dips were soy sauce, clamato juice, horseradish, and vegemite!

Happy Meal Chug - we blenderize Happy Meals until they are (technically) drinkable - this is the finale every year!

What McDonalds looks like in your stomach

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