Thursday, November 14, 2013

Parent Workshops

Hey parents!

Each year I try to host a parents' meeting to keep you all in the loop of what's happening in Student Ministries. However, with the youth blog and weekly emails, the feedback I've gotten is that most parents are in the loop already! I love partnering with parents and want to offer you something that's really worth your time (and is more than a presentation on calendars and curriculum, which you can find in plenty here!) so I have a new idea.

Many parents feel out of the loop when it comes to stuff like social media, how teens are wired, etc. I read a LOT of books and blogs about that stuff, and have the very unique position of being an adult that teens actually come to with stuff they don't tell their parents. I get a pretty unique perspective of how they view school, teachers, sex, social media, and more.  I'd love to partner with you as you navigate the messiness of raising teens and preteens.

Starting in the new year, I'm planning to host a few parent workshops. I'm aiming to do 3-4 by June. Mark your calendars for the first one - on Sunday, January 19 at 7pm I'll be leading a workshop called "Raising Teens in a Social Media World." This is NOT a Bible study or an info meeting, but rather, a way to learn more about how your kids are engaging with the world around them in a language that you are probably not fluent in. We'll have coffee, tea and dessert as well as some giveaways and prizes! This is open to anyone who has teens or preteens - and feel free to tell your parent friends who don't go to Bethany, or have younger kids and just want to be prepared. The more the merrier! It will take place at the church - depending on how many people (I'll ask you to RSVP closer to the date) we will either meet in the Boardroom or youth room.

If you have ideas about other important topics we could do for future workshops, please shoot me an email! I'd love to hear from you. Actually, I'd even love to meet with you! Starbucks, Timmy's, whatever, it's on me if you ever want to get together and chat :) My email is or you can reach me most days at the church - 604-519-0123. Just a heads up that I love meeting teens for lunch or for coffee after school so my schedule is pretty irregular. I'll call you back if you leave a voicemail!

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