Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet the iConnect leaders!

Hey iConnecters and parents!

This week we start up all of our Friday night programming, including iConnect! Wahoo! Here is a little bit of information about the awesome volunteers who make this ministry possible.

Cora - she has been the lead volunteer for Fridays since we started iConnect in 2011. Cora is a super social person who loves getting to know people. She is also really crafty (she designed the mural in the iConnect space) and LOVES hosting parties and having people over. She also happens to be my aunt, and her three sons are all involved in Student Ministries... Kris is in youth, Adam is a leader, and Carlon leads a Bible study. Her husband Gord also works at Bethany as one of our Building Managers. Pretty cool!

Peter - he stepped up during the first year of iConnect as well, and it wasn't long before Cora and Peter became the duo for leading everything on Fridays! Peter teaches preteens at McCloskey, my old elementary school. He is great at tech stuff! He and Shawna have two daughters; the oldest is in iConnect.

Jennine - she started volunteering last year and we love her! Jennine is friendly and easy to talk to and does a great job of spending time with the students. She can most often be found sitting with the girls, hanging out and talking. Jennine and Joe have two kids, their daughter is one of my bridesmaids and their son is in youth.

Jesse - Jesse also started last year, right out of high school. He is great with kids and preteens and even worked at the Bethany Childcare Centre this summer. He plans to go into youth ministry. Jesse is quiet and enjoys working behind the scenes. He is very patient, which makes him a great asset in iConnect! Jesse is also part of a 'youth family' - his older brother is a youth leader and younger brothers are in youth.

Mitchell - he is brand new to this! Mitchell graduated this year and just started at Trinity Western. Talk about church involvement... his mom and aunt run Children's Ministries, he has two siblings in youth, and one in iConnect. Mitchell loves sports and plays on our church soccer team.

Jasmin - she also just graduated and is brand new to this. Jasmin loves working with kids and is a great teacher. She will also be teaching on Sunday mornings once a month. Jasmin is chatty and friendly and loves Starbucks! She has just started school at Langara.

We also have two more volunteers who serve on Sundays by teaching our iConnect class.

Val - Val has been involved in Children's Ministries for years! Last year she started teaching our Sunday School class and is just awesome at it. Val is one of the nicest people I know and just loves working with kids and preteens! She and Corey have two adult sons.

Matthew - he is also one of our new grads! Matt did some teaching last year when he was a student leader and I'm excited that he plans to continue officially this year. Matt is also at Trinity Western this year. Matt is great at making videos and we're sorry to lose him in youth. He is also my cousin!

Well there you go! The leaders in a nutshell :)

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