Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Year Curriculum - iConnect

Hey parents!

Today I'm talking about CURRICULUM! Yup, it's the time of year when I'm busy with curriculum plans for the fall.

We asked preteen students to send in their feedback about the previous school year but didn't recieve very many responses. Students can always let us know what they want to be learning, and they can ask questions too! We simply can't cover everything we want to in one year, but we do our best to teach what is important to students during these preteen years.

Sunday Mornings: This is our biggest teaching time. Most students are quite good about coming to these classes (we see a drop off in youth because they get involved with serving during this hour) so we try and focus the heavy-duty teaching on Sunday mornings. The feedback I recieved focused on Bible overviews... what is the order of the Old Testament? How does it relate to the New Testament? What are the books about? And so on and so forth. This year, we will be going through a curriculum that goes through the entire Old Testament. Next year, we will do the year of New Testament. I like the idea of rotating so students get the full picture before starting youth!

Friday Nights: This is definitely our 'lighter' teaching time as we only do devotionals on Alive nights. Sometimes the leaders will leave time on event nights to talk about these things as well but not in a formal way. On Alive nights, students play some games, join the youth for worship, have some snacks, and then have their own devotional time. This teaching time I leave up to the volunteers (Cora and Peter) to plan, but I do know that they try and come up with topics that focus on real-life issues (bullying, friends, family life, etc.) as well as the life of Jesus. They don't follow a series, they just come up with whatever seems most important to the students! So if you would like a certain topic to be discussed, let me know and I will pass along the suggestion. Fridays are great for bringing friends because the curriculum isn't over their heads.

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