Wednesday, February 13, 2013

iConnect Sunday School - Listening to God (Feb. 10)

On Sunday, Val taught the iConnect class and the lesson was about Jesus' teachings (we will be continuing this in coming weeks). The big idea of the lesson was that God wants to talk to us and it's up to us to listen to Him!

The group focused on Matthew 13:1-23 (parable of the sower).

Here are some follow-up questions to talk about with your preteen:

  • In the parable, who does the farmer represent? (God)
  • What do the seeds represent? (God's word)
  • What are the differences between the types of soil? (they were different in their willingness to recieve or hear the truth that God was trying to give them)
  • What do you think Jesus wanted his listeners to learn from this parable? (it's important to listen to God and allow him to change our hearts)
  • What things might be considered rocks or thorns in your life?
  • What are some ways you can try and listen to God this week?

If students indicate that they have trouble sitting and reading their Bible, consider buying them Creative Times with God by Doug Fields. It's an amazing book! It gives students creative activities to help them understand short passages of the Bible on topics that matter to them. I actually use it for lessons sometimes... totally worth the purchase - and it's cheap!

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