Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teenagers, technology, and PARENTS!

Here are some interesting articles I came across that deal with the topic of technology. As a parent, how can you monitor and supervise your child's internet usage? How does technology positively or negatively impact your family? When should parents step in?

One thing I've noticed lately is that the teenagers on my Facebook or Twitter feeds who post inappropriate things (swearing, dirty jokes, passive aggressive statements, etc.) or don't have good online safety skills (posting their phone number, revealing photos, etc.) are ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY the teens who do not have their parents on their accounts. It's NOT enough to simply add your kid as a friend and then assume everything is hunky-dory!!! Your teen can put you onto a privacy setting where you don't see half of what they are posting for their friends. Not cool. If your teen uses social media, I HIGHLY recommend sitting down with them and setting their account and privacy settings together. Don't feel weird about asking your teen to give you their password either! One of the smartest things you can do is to keep that password on file - I don't suggest hacking into your kid's accounts, but simply knowing that you could will keep them on their toes and remind them that real people can see what they are saying... because posting online has real world impacts! Don't be afraid to have a "technology backbone" as your parent your teen... because being a doormat isn't helping anyone, and being a friend before a parent WILL impact your teen's behaviour, values, and even faith in the future!

"When Parents Take Back Facebook" GREAT and informative article

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