Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iConnect - Sunday School this month (Old Testament Overview)

Hey parents!

This month, the preteens have been learning about the Old Testament. The lessons are designed to give an overview to students so that they understand:

  • The five different categories of books (5 Law, 12 History, 5 Poetry, 5 Major Prophets, and 12 Minor Prophets)
  • The setting, time period, and author of each book
  • The major themes of the book as well as the famous stories that come from each.

Students have been putting together workbooks where they are gathering the basic information for each book. We will wrap-up this mini-unit at the end of the month and then will move on to some basic theological topics that are rooted in the Old Testament. In the new year, we will be doing a New Testament overview and then continuing with theological topics that are rooted in those books.

Please spend some time with your child going over the books of the Old Testament - Val (the primary teacher for the class) has been helping them learn all the books and the order as well.

Also, don't forget about weekly Bible verses - during the worship service, all preteens are given worksheets to help them follow along with the sermon, and at the bottom of the sheet is a memory verse pertaining to the sermon. If they memorize it to say the following week, they get a prize!

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