Tuesday, October 30, 2012

iConnect Sunday School - Old Testament overview (wrap up)

This week we finished the last of three weeks focusing on the Old Testament. Each week, students have gone through each book of the Old Testament to gather information (they all have workbooks) such as author, time period, theme of the book, and any other miscellaneous information. This past week we wrapped up the series and played Jeopardy to review - congratulations to the boys' team for winning!

If you plan to review what your preteen learned, here are a few questions to ask them:

  • What is the numerical pattern to help us remember the genres of Old Testament books? (Answer - 5 12 5 5 12... 5 books of law, 12 histories, 5 poetries, 5 major prophets, and 12 minor prophets)
  • Which books do you know pretty well?
  • Which books have you never read?
  • Why is it important to know about the different books in the Bible?

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