Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kick-Off Weekend (Sept. 8-9)

Well, “Kick Off Weekend” has come and gone, and while it was a blast I’m looking forward to getting into a regular (and less hectic!) schedule. My weekend was jam-packed with four events: the Street Party, a College & Career planning night, our Sunday School Kick Off, and Pastor Brad’s goodbye party with the youth.

I had a good time at the Street Party this year! One of the things we changed this year was to combine several ministry booths – this gave us more space to use for activities and attractions, and also gave a cleaner and less overwhelming presentation to visitors. It was great to have some cool cars, bouncy castles, street hockey, and the Drime Team this year because it gave us better opportunities to connect with the Hamilton community. I was able to walk around more than usual as well because lots of the youth were willing to hang out and man the booth – special thanks to the guys who stayed there!

Another thing we changed about the Street Party this year was to have a more organized clean up afterwards. Many of our College and Career students stayed to help pack up, and because each booth was able to pack up their own tent we were done cleaning around 7pm! Thanks everyone! We ordered pizza for College and Career and spent some time talking about what the upcoming year will look like for us. There will be two small groups, a Sunday class, monthly events, and monthly service projects. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Sunday morning was our first Sunday back to our regular schedule. We kicked off Sunday School for iConnect and youth in a combined class in the Attic. It’s great to start the morning with snacks and hot drinks! We had a rather chill Sunday.. we played some games, got to know each other, talked about our summers, and spent some time talking about what Sunday School will look like and how I can make sure students enjoy it and learn! We all filled out a learning styles quiz to see how different people learn best – I was the only one to score evenly in all three categories… weird!

On Sunday night, we had Pastor Brad’s goodbye party in the Attic. He and Colleen were both able to be there because they found babysitting so we had a nice casual night hanging out and eating dessert. I know I speak for everyone when I say we sure will miss the Reid family!!!

Now that things are calming down, I’m looking ahead to Friday when all of our programs kick off! From 7-9pm we have lots of things happening at the church: childcare for preschoolers, Friday Night Friends and Sports Camp for children up to grade 5, iConnect for grades 6-7 (the theme is “The Wall”), youth for grades 8-12 (the theme is YOLO Night), and Pastor Stef will be teaching a class for adults on how to study the Bible. See you there!

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