Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing the waiting game

Well for those of you who weren't at church on Sunday, it was my candidating day! It was actually much less scary than I thought it would be to have a morning that consisted of an interview with the elders, Q&A in the service with Pastor Stef, and then a lunch where I gave my testimony and answered questions submitted by the congregation. For those of you who were there, hopefully I didn't talk too fast!

If you missed it or thought of a question to ask afterwards, please feel free to contact me! My email is aschmidke@bethanybaptist.bc.ca - I love hearing from parents and students especially. Even if you have a criticism, I still like to hear that kind of stuff because that's how I learn and develop our youth ministry!

Now I just have to wait until the Annual General Meeting on June 20 to find out if Bethany calls me to this position... great time to work on my patience skills :) I hope you can make it out to the meeting - they're not exactly crazy-exciting, but they are important, and a great way to give input and learn more about the church we are a part of. See you there!

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