Monday, May 07, 2012

Sunday lesson: Hinduism

Yesterday we continued our series on World Religions with a lesson on Hinduism. We weren't able to finish on time so we will continue this coming Sunday. This is the first religion we have looked at that is not monotheistic so your teen may have more questions or comments about it. One reliable online resouce I use is - it gives the basics in a fairly easily understandable way, so I recommend that site if you are looking up answers to any questions you may have. When we end our lesson next week we will have a time of discussion but if you'd like a head start on that, here are a few questions to spark conversation with your teen:

·         What is “truth”? How do you define that word?
·         How can you have multiple “truths” and have them all still be true?
·         Many people in our culture say Christianity is closed-minded because it teaches that Jesus is the only way to heaven. How would you respond to that statement?
·         How can you know that there is only one God and one path to God, instead of different names for God and different paths for reaching God?
·         Hinduism focuses on the idea that one day you may be good enough and perform enough good deeds to reach your ideal eternal state. As a Christian, how important are your actions? Why would a Christian desire or strive to live a “good life”?
·         What’s the best way to pray for a friend or family member who is a Hindu or Buddhist, and why?

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