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Here are the details!

May Camp Info 2012

Departure & Return
  • We are meeting at the church at 2pm SHARP on Friday May 18. We will be leaving as soon as the bus is packed (2:15pm) so please do not be late. If your parent can’t get you to the church, please find a ride ahead of time. The bus will be at the church at 1:45pm so come earlier than 2 to claim a good seat!
  • We will be stopping for dinner on the way to camp (most likely in Hope) so bring either a bagged dinner or money for food.
  • We will be leaving Green Bay after lunch on Monday (12:30-1pm). Depending on traffic, we may stop for food on the way back but if traffic is light we will keep going. We will be back at the church around 6pm. For those of you on the church soccer team, there is a chance you can still make it to the game. Contact a leader on the team to discuss carpooling and talk to your parents about bringing your gear to the church
  • PARENTS, we will try and get your child to call you when we are in Chilliwak to let you know how long it will take us to get to church. If traffic is good and we can get back early, we won’t stop for dinner.

As always, we follow the Sportsmanship Law at all youth/church events: no insulting/bullying, cheating, or complaining. This is a weekend to have fun and make new friends!

What to Bring:
  • Games, cards, books, etc.
  • Bible, pen and notebook
  • Comfortable/sport clothes and shoes for field games
  • Rain gear
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, etc. ***If rooms are filled to capacity, some of you will have to share a double bed. Please consider this when you are packing sleeping gear - especially if you pack bedding instead of a sleeping bag!!
  • Camera
  • Swim suit (one piece/tankini for girls) and towel
  • Dress (ladies, we always dress up for dinner on Sunday night)
  • Sunscreen
  • Friday supper or bring money
  • Concession money (it will be open on Sunday)

What Not to Bring:
  • Electronics (video games, iPods, etc. - they will be taken away. Cell phones must stay in the room and are only to contact your parents if they want you to)
  • Non-prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Prank supplies

Cabin Activities - some cabins try and plan ‘bonding’ activities - if you have thought of something fun to do with your group, bring it along! For example, sometimes one of the guys’ rooms will go for a ‘ninja run’ late at night, and the girls usually have a spa night with face masks and other fun things. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to plan the cabins much earlier than Thursday or Friday so I can’t tell you who is in your room, but assume you will be with at least one close friend J

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