Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Camp Prayer List

2011 throwback... we're up 25 people from this photo!
Well tomorrow is the big day - we're all meeting at the church at 2pm and caravaning to Green Bay Bible Camp for our annual May Camp retreat! We're taking up our largest group yet - the largest of all the churches this year! This is an NAB retreat - the other churches going are Sunshine Ridge, Ebenezer, Chilliwak Baptist and Lakeview Heights. We'll arrive after dinner on Friday and be home around dinner on Monday.

Check back this weekend as I'm going to try to update the blog a couple of times to let you all know how we're doing. I might even get a student to write a post! We have tons of fun activities planned this weekend - including some crazy field games and the talent show that our leaders are working on.

This year our speaker is Jeff Bethke. You probably don't recognize his name but you may recognize his face from YouTube! Our teens (and leaders!) are very excited to hear him speak. Here is his now-famous video:

It's been quite the week getting everything sorted out and last minute stuff planned. On Monday we found out that the bus has 47 seats (it always seemed so big!) and then did the final count: we have 65 people going. Yikes! After a lot of phone calls and texts, we have all the drivers arranged! Then there was all the shopping for leaders' goody bags (we love that they give this weekend up to hang out with our kids!), Jeff's gift, and supplies for cabin activites (us girls have some rather... unusual traditions). Today is my packing day... do I have the megaphone for field games? Our giant BBC Youth banner? Extra Bibles? Water? Gravol? Sanity? Check, check, check, check, and hopefully, yes.

Please be praying for not only our group but the entire retreat. I can't wait to see what God has in store! Some things to be praying for are:

  • Safety in travel. Along with the bus, Sue, Sheldon, Heidi, Jake and Brad will all be driving up as well.
  • Fellowship. We have lots of students coming who have never been to youth before! This is a great time to make new friendships and grow existing ones.
  • Discipleship. This weekend is also the easiest way for leaders to get to know the kids better and the weekend sets the foundation for the upcoming year. This year we have a whopping 13 leaders!
  • Chapel sessions: for our speaker, Jeff, and for the listening ears around him. Please pray that his messages truly impact our students and that we will have meaningful discussion as a result. Pray that this is a turning point in the lives of students who may not know Jesus yet.
  • Fun: between swimming, sports, field games, concession, chapel games, free time, cabin activities, a talent show, a concert, some ninja runs, a dress up night, and a campfire I'm sure this will come easily. But you can still pray :)
  • Safety: as we run, swim, and try to wrestle dead fish from one another during the infamous Capture the Fish game.
  • Weather: so far it looks good... hopefully it stays that way!
  • The other youth pastors, youth leaders, cooks, GB staff, John our bus driver, and everyone else who makes this weekend possible!

If you would like to pray for our students and leaders by name, please click below to find a list. For the sake of Internet safety I'll only put in their initial and not full last name!

Female leaders:
Tolu O.
Heidi S.
Kathleen L.
Kayla S.
Sue W.
Amanda S.

Male leaders:
Sheldon S.
Carlon S.
Adam S. (this is his first event as a youth leader!)
Bob B. (Bob is sick and may only be able to come later in the weekend. Pray for healing!)
Brad R.
Jake H.
Ryan H.

Female students:
Samantha C.
Emily P.
Breanna S.
Robyn D.
Sarah V.
Dylane B. (friend of Sarah)
Rayna B.
Asia C.
Hannah W.
Colleen R.
Chelsea R.
Melissa S.
Iana S.
Megan H.
Jessica G.
Shyrelle L. (friend of Jess and Meg)
Temi O.
Cassie M. (friend of Temi)
Maddy K.
Rachael N. (friend of Maddy & Taylor)
Samantha G. (friend of Maddy & Taylor)
Melanie C. (friend of Maddy & Taylor)
Taylor K.
Shelby S.
Farren M.

Male students:
Brady B.
Esteban C.
Kris S.
Jonah L.
Han B.
Riley B.
Josh D.
Harlen T.
Tyler H.
Daniel M.
Kellen R.
Eric M.
Matthew D.
Noah L.
David C.
Mark W.
Keenan B.
Connor P.
Mitchell P.
Brennan B.
Matthew S.
Tom P.
Jesse B.
Jeff W.
Josh W.
Hans C.

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