Monday, April 23, 2012

Alive! Recap

Hey everyone!

This past Friday was Alive! - if you don't know, we do Alive nights every second week and they usually consist of games, snacks, worship, small group discussion, and somethings other things as well. The iConnect kids join us for everything except small group discussion most weeks.

This past week was a bit different because Iana and Farren planned and ran the entire night! They're both on the Student Leadership Team and it was one of their 'practicums' to choose something to plan or lead and they chose an Alive night. They did a fantastic job!!! Like usual, we had games, snacks, and worship. However, instead of the teens and preteens splitting up for discussion, we instead asked two leaders to share their testimonies with both groups. Cora and Jake both spoke and did a great job! After that we spent some time in little clusters sharing about ourselves and praying for one another. It was a great night and everyone had a good time.

It's so awesome to see teenagers using their gifts to serve. Farren and Iana are both musically talented and have a passion for worship and prayer. We have a lot of different gifts on the Student Leadership Team - some teens are totally comfortable with up-front stuff while other teens would rather serve behind the scenes. Over the next few weeks we'll see the rest of the team members running their own practicums. As a group, their 'big practicum' was to plan and run the 30 Hour Famine which is happening this Friday. I'll be blogging throughout the night for any curious parents or other church-folks :)

Next year the student leadership team will be open to all students (who will be in grades 9-12) to apply for - I'm looking forward to see who else will be a part of it!

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