Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break recap

Hey everyone!

Last week was our big week of events for Spring Break. It was great! Glad to have some time off this week though :)

On Monday, some of the girls went shopping downtown, and on Tuesday some of the guys played hockey in the gym.

Wednesday was a youth room cleanup and a games night - the Attic is spotless!!! We reorganized the storage closet, cleaned up everything in sight, and even hung our 10 foot paper mache Jaws that we made for the Clue Game from the ceiling! Later in the week I cleaned out the kitchen and organized all of our resources like Bible reading guides, the little library, etc. Quite pleased with the result :) After we were done cleaning we ended up playing Animal Whack for an hour and a half... it`s usually a 20 min game but we had a blast! Ethan and Bob even had a little indoor water fight.. good times.

On Thursday we did an ice cream run, and on Friday some of us went to the Passion Tour. If you`re on Facebook I`m sure you`ve seen updates about it. My favourite part was when David Crowder led worship - it was so obvious that he was on stage to worship his maker, just that, no other reason. It was great!

On Saturday was the most anticipated event of the week: PAINTBALL! We headed out to Ambush in Cloverdale for a beeeeautiful warm afternoon of shooting each other. I didn`t play - it was fun to watch! We have tickets leftover so we`ll have to go again before the summer.

Hope you all had a great break!

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