Thursday, December 08, 2011

Fa la la la CHRISTMAS!

Hey everyone!

Wowza... I can't believe tomorrow is the last youth event of 2011!!! It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were putting up streamers for our school year kick off party in September! Sometimes I miss being a kid when timed seemed to go by so much slower... especially the month before Christmas!

Last week we had an event called Christmas Morning on Friday Night. We all came dressed in our pajamas, played some Christmas games, and had some Christmas treats. Near the end of the night, the preteens and young adults joined us in the Attic (I counted - there were 80-90 people in the room!) for food, some socializing time, and for the results of our Blanket & Outerwear Drive competition! THANK YOU to everyone who dropped off donations at the church this past month! I can't believe how much stuff we all collected to hand out to the needy (the young adults will be distributing it). The pile of blankets alone stands as high as a preteen! True to our word, the ministry that brought the least amount of items would surrender their leader to get a pie in the face, courtesy of the person who brought the most donations from the ministry who brought the most stuff overall. In the end, the victim was Cora, and Rayna got to smear a nice cream pie (it was rather runny... hehe) all through her face and hair. It was hilarious! I'm sure the only people who enjoyed it more than myself and Brad (who had nice clean faces at the end of the night) were her sons, Carlon and Kris, who got to witness it. Don't we all want to see our parents get a pie in the face at some point in our lives? Love you mom...

Here's a photo of the gingerbread house that won our competiton at the event. We chose the winner based on design and sound structure. The other three contestants were an open-roof nativity scene, a building that suffered damage due to an earthquake, and the leaning Tower of Piza after it fell (it hasn't, ladies!). The winning group was an all-boys group lead by Carlon and Sheldon and they did a lovely job. Way to go, guys! They also won the trivia game!

This week is Classy Christmas - our last event before the holiday break. It's become a sort of BBC Youth tradition to have a dress-up party before Christmas each year so this is it. Everyone will be dressing in their Christmas best and bringing a dessert to share with 8-10 people for our potluck. This week our focus is on Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas, since last week we focused on fun festive activities instead. Farren and Maddy will be leading us in some carols, we'll do a couple of games, have a nice dessert buffet, and Brad will be giving a message at the end of the evening. Be sure to bring a camera as I'd like to do a group shot of all of us - somehow we haven't done one this year! I have a bunch of group shots taped to my computer monitor but some of you look rather young since they're all from 2009 or 2010!

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