Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halfway through the retreat...

Well we're officially closer to the end of our retreat than to the beginning! It's been a great (albiet exhausting!) weekend so far. I've never planned a retreat weekend so it's been a big learning curve for me!

Last night we started out with a 'chapel' session, followed by some Battle of the Sexes and improv games. Once it was getting late, we played a crowd favourite - Gorgon! Then it was off to bed where we hung out and talked in our rooms for awhile before finally falling asleep at some point after 2am.

This morning we started the day with bacon, eggs and hashbrowns - my favourite retreat breakfast. After that we had another chapel session, some free time, and then lunch (grilled cheese and soup). We walked over to Lois Lanes for an afternoon of bowling which went well. Then, the kids split into two groups and did a neighbourhood cleanup at the park and community centre - I can't believe how much garbage they picked up!! Great job everyone! Then, to stay on the theme of service, we started working on the planning for our Christmas service projects - we're going to do a blitz of them in the month before Christmas and I'm really looking forward to it!

Now it's free time, the band is practicing, the gym is open, and I'm taking a breather before I head up to the Attic to get the games ready for this evening. After dinner we have our third chapel session, followed by some different activities, and finally we'll finish off with another round of Gorgon before bed.

Remember that tomorrow during the potluck, we'll be serving dessert upstairs and are encouraging everyone to come up for some treats and to take a quick tour of our preteen, teen, and children's ministry areas! Looking forward to it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather!

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