Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August, Golden Snitches, and Preteen Painting

Now that August is here, it seems like things are speeding up here in the church office as we all look towards the fall. Pastor Stef started work today and is busy organizing his office with the occasional help of Pastor Brad. He even has a little knitted Golden Snitch from his last church! Very cool! Needless to say, it's busy here in the office, which makes it easy to start bouncing ideas off one another and planning now that Sharon and Brad are back from vacation as well. My do to list for August is huge!!!

A few of the things I'm working on are coordinating Bible studies, Sunday lessons, a student leadership team, planning Clue 2012, planning Friday events, and many more. Thankfully, we've scheduled the big events already, like Clue Game (March 3), Famine (April 20), and May Camp (May long weekend). Whew!

I need your input on two things. First, if we change the church website, what would you like to see on it? What can we do differently? Have you visited another church's site that you liked? Please send any and all thoughts and suggestions to me, and I'll pass them on to the people who will be planning the new site. My email address is aschmidke@bethanybaptist.bc.ca, but you can also tweet your ideas (@bbc__youth) or Facebook message me.

The second, and more pressing issue that I need help with is the new Preteen Ministry. We will be starting this ministry on Friday nights in the fall (Friday ministries kick-off on Sept. 16) and it will take place in the Upper Room. If you are a student (or a parent of a student) going into grade 7, you will be in this new preteen ministry instead of in youth. You will rule the roost! Because you will be the oldest, we would like YOU to choose the name of the new preteen ministry as well as the colours for the room. I will add to this post with a list of possible names for the ministry, but feel free to come up with your own as well. Please email all ideas or suggestions for names and room designs to my email (see above) or to Twitter or Facebook. You can be as vague about the room (just colours) or as detailed (murals, posters, what we want in the room) as you want. Looking forward to hearing from you!

From the (very cluttered, and swimming with calendars and notes) desk of Amanda

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