Saturday, July 16, 2011

So today we're finally heading to Anaheim and we're waiting in the airport and we had one person beep in security that person is Breanna. We are about to board to Seattle and head on the plane!!! I cannot wait until we arrive at Chapman!  Praise item is that we are all safe and are playing a game where we have a Canadian penny and see if someone will trade something for it. Tolu has already traded and got  $1.00... At least it's a start. No one else has traded but thats OK. We hope to arrive and all find everything OK.  Be praying for us!!

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  1. praying for all of you - this blog is a great idea - keep posting so we know exactly what to pray for!!! Know that you are being lifted up to Jesus in prayer - I know you'll all have an amazing time, learn lots, teach lots and come back knowing God even better! - love you guys!! Auntie Sue