Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Cali Adventures

Just a short post for tonight and tomorrow I'll make sure that some of the youth post.

Today Mark Cahill spoke about the fact that we need to be sharing our faith with Non-Christians... he had some great stories and is clearly someone who doesn't just talk about evangelism but goes out and does it.

After the session with Mark we headed out to Huntingdon Beach and were challenged to start up conversations with Non-Christians. Some of the students tried a few times - of course it is very challenging. I had the opportunity to share with one person.

Tonight Kara Powell spoke about the fact that God loves us No Matter What... a very good talk and very encouraging.

We also found out that our service project will be to go to a local high school and help with painting and other light construction/renovation projects. Pray for patience, unity, opportunities to share with people and that we'll be able to complete all our assignments. We're looking forward to being able to serve. We'll be serving at the school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Brad - we are praying for you guys as you work for Jesus!!!
    love ya - Auntie Sue, Jeff and Mark

  2. Thanks for all the updates. Praying that you all will have a positive impact as you spread the love of Jesus. James, Marni and Sarah

  3. Have fun tomorrow all of you!!! And remind the lovely senior high girls to actually BRING the drop sheets with them if they're painting this time :D - Amanda