Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arrived Safely!

 Tolu grabs a bit of a nap on our flight.

Adam decided that Tolu had the right idea!!

Well, we have made it to Anaheim safe and sound. We didn't have any problems at all with our travel. Everyone was able to cross the with no problems at all, we made it onto our flight from Bellingham to Seattle and we even had time to grab a bit of lunch in Seattle before boarding our flight to Santa Ana in Anaheim.

We were picked up by a Youth Gathering Shuttle and made our way to Chapman University. We got nicely settled in here and met up with Farren (who had to fly here from Hawaii because she had a synchronized swimming competition).

After we got settled in we headed out for supper. Some ended up going to a BBQ joint while others (including me) decided to try out a Mexican place. Both places were great.

I've already run into a few other youth pastors that I know from previous conferences etc. so that has been great. I'm looking forward to further connections throughout the week.

Thanks for your prayers! Such a smooth day of travel was a real blessing. Please be praying for us as a team as we have a "fun day" tomorrow before the Youth Gathering gets started on Monday.

Also be praying for Taylor and Maddy Kriese... they will be flying down from Bellingham tomorrow. Our team will all be united late tomorrow night. We'll have a bit of free time on Monday and then get started with everything Monday night!!!

I'll post again soon (and so will others!)

Pastor Brad

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